• I seriously struggle to find things I like to wear in the boudoir. (The word ‘boudoir’ always makes everything sound saucy. Boudoirs belong in bordellos. I promise that this is not a saucy post.) I have no desire to don any night-time negligee (bras? basques? corsets? I want to SLEEP, not suffocate) and whilst I have the obligatory drawer of flammable plaid pyjama sets, if I wore these in my hot box of a city flat, I would boil like a piece of gammon.

    No, I like to keep my night time gear simple – floaty, white and long. A long white nightie may not be the sexiest apparel if you have a boyfriend in situ, but it makes you feel clean, girlish and faintly paranormal (like a sort of serene ghost, I always think.)

    Such nighties are surprisingly hard to locate. You don’t want to go down the ‘Victoriana’ route too much: high necked nighties with a battalion of buttons and in-built hauteur. Such nighties may make one feel prim and purposeful, but they are also a bit terrifying. Zara Home does a fine line in broderie anglaise nighties with a rustic French vibe, and I recently discovered the divine website ifonlyif.co.uk which specialises in long silk and cotton nighties with a deep V, which are elegant, rather than cutesie.


    I am particularly lusting after the silk ‘Emily’ number. It is so simple and beautiful that I think I’d actually have a hard time parting with in the morning.

    Pandora Sykes

  • Thank you for such a amazing nightdress - it feels like I'm wearing very very fine cashmere!


  • thank you I'm looking forward to getting the new nighties. It will be my fourth purchase as I just love them!!!


  • Just wanted to say that the nightie I bought from you at The Spirit of Christmas yesterday must be THE most beautiful nightie in the world - I absolutely love it - will be back for more sometime.  They really are exquisite and the cotton is so beautifully fine.  Thank you.

    IfOnlyIf Customer 2016

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